It wasn’t too long ago that Tanya Jennings the Founder of Ueconomy Lab had a bad case of “shiny object syndrome” jumping around online from one opportunity to the next. I’m sure you can relate!

Tanya started her online journey back in 2009 and since then has spent over $80,000 on her education and mentors such as Brendan Burchard, T Harv Eker and Anthony Morrison to name a few. Tanya has been able to build duplicatable six figure online businesses through multiple passive recurring income streams online. And today shares the “secret” to selling anything online to have online success. Helping you on your path to time and financial freedom, without the overwhelm and technical frustrations. But it wasn’t always this way….

In 2012 Tanya and her husband self published 8 Best Selling eBooks within 12 months on Amazon and had also won over 70 Australian and International Photography Awards. The following year in 2013 all the hard work paid off when Tanya was able to quit her full time Government JOB (Just Over Broke) of nearly 20 years to work in their business.

But a few short months later in early 2014 Tanya’s world was turned upside down after discovering her husband had over 10 online dating profiles leaving her no choice but to leave. She walked away from everything leaving behind a million dollar photography business, brand new beach home and most of her possessions. Tanya had to start all over again with no income, home or money. Having to move in with a good friend and pawn her wedding rings just to survive.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”  Napolean Hill.

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Looking back – her husband actually did her a favour. Tanya is happier now than she has ever been and has since been able to follow her true passion of building profitable online businesses sharing training and information products that she is passionate about and knows make a difference to the lives of others. The best part is she gets to help add value to her team and tribe and watch their online success flourish and help them on their path to time and financial freedom.

Tanya is an online marketing and business development expert who whilst building her own successful online businesses also empowers and supports others to make a difference to their lives and the lives of their family, friends and others.

Tanya and her team know how online presence needs to function in order to generate sales, build value and attract long-term raving fans. Tanya has partnered with other online experts to develop specific trainings to guide people on how to build, grow, automate and scale their own successful online business generating multiple passive income streams. Allowing them to uplevel their life, achieve their goals and have more financial and time freedom to spend with family and friends.

Before starting her online journey Tanya held various high level Management positions within both public and private enterprise managing over 150 staff at any given time. Generating millions of dollars in sport and community infrastructure and an economic benefit to various regions across NSW and QLD in Australia. Including developing an Award Winning International Tennis Facility and hosting the Davis Cup and bringing the only Iron Man Triathlon Challenge in Australia to Far North Queensland.

Tanya is no stranger to hard work having started her entrepreneurial career at the very young age of 3 years old selling cosmetics at Paddy’s Markets in the family business. Fostering the entrepreneurial upbringing in addition to her management experience Tanya has run several successful businesses whilst working full time such as Ecommerce Stores and Forex Trading. Tanya’s first ever Forex trade was on the Aussie dollar waking up the next day to a $4600 profit! That’s when her curiosity for the online world was sparked and the determination to make money while she slept and share the secret with others was fueled.

Tanya has a passion to help and see people succeed and leave their boss and day job –her motto  “Keep It Real and Live Life by Design Not by Default”.

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