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It wasn’t too long ago that Tanya Jennings the Founder of Ueconomy Lab had a bad case of “shiny object syndrome” jumping around online from one opportunity to the next. I’m sure you can relate!

Tanya started her online journey back in 2009 and since then has spent over $80,000 on her education and mentors such as Brendan Burchard, T Harv Eker and Anthony Morrison to name a few. In 2013 Tanya was able to quit her full time job and has gone on to build duplicatable six figure online businesses through multiple passive recurring income streams online. And today Tanya shares the “secret” to online success with others helping them on their path to time and financial freedom, without the overwhelm and technical frustrations.

But it wasn’t always this way….

In 2012 Tanya and her then husband self published 8 Best Selling eBooks within 12 months on Amazon and had also won over 70 Australian and International Photography Awards. The following year in 2013 all the hard work paid off when Tanya was able to sack her boss and quit her full time Government JOB (Just Over Broke) of nearly 20 years to work in their online business.

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“This is the BEST training program online. I'm no longer overwhelmed and frustrated with what to do when. Not only am I building my own online business but I'm finally earning a passive recurring income.....”

Patrick C

“If you are looking to be an independent online entrepreneur in the online marketing space, this is where you want to be. Anyone who plants their flag here and takes action, has a legitimate shot.”

Brian M

“This system is breaking my paradigms of how I see myself and my business. The most powerful program on the planet....”

Anthony W

“This is LIFE-CHANGING! That's all I will say....grateful beyond words could ever express!!!”

Karen M
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