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How I turned $500 into $1000 per week passive income online on AUTOPILOT – CFX Review

By September 23, 2020 23 Comments

Have you been struggling to earn online? Whether it be for one month, two months, a year, who knows? Or maybe you have lost your job?. Or maybe you’re just looking for extra income?. Well, keep reading because I’m going to share a program with you that within 72 hours, you will be earning a passive income online.

You don’t want to miss this!!

Hey, Tanya Jennings here from Ueconomy Lab, I help entrepreneurs live a life of freedom online and create that passive income so that you can live that life of freedom. I want to share a program with you today that I joined nine weeks ago. I’m going to take you into my back office and show you where I’m at with it. I have been looking for a program that ticked all the boxes. I didn’t think it existed, but I’ve found it. It is very consistent and transparent in what they do the compensation plan is out of this world and you earn within 72 hours of joining, which is just unheard of. And the beautiful thing is there’s no monthly fees or monthly autoship. And if you don’t want to sell and refer other people, you don’t have to, you are still going to earn daily on autopilot within 72 hours of joining!.

So let me take you into my back office and share with you the world of CFX. Watch or read BELOW (https://youtu.be/6qseoUUWsH0)


Alright, I’m over here on my, in my CFX back office.  I joined this company nine weeks ago, the 16th of July 2020 and yesterday just 9 short weeks later (16th September) I just hit the first rank in the company and earned a $900 ipad. This is my earnings $6,500 USD. So for my Australian friends, that’s over $9,000 AUD so $1,000 per week. I’ve earned online on autopilot in nine weeks, just incredible system and incredible compensation plan. And so easy!

Look, I wasn’t crazy when I joined, I joined at the $500 level. You can join at a $300 level and it goes all the way up. So there’s $500, $1000, $2000 all they way up to $100,000, whatever you want to join at. Most people have got $500 sitting around in their bank.

So how do we earn daily on autopilot?

We’ve got professional traders, trading for us daily on autopilot, so Mon to Fri your earning daily from the trading the pro traders are actually doing for you. And you don’t have to do anything for that and if you want to learn to trade, you can. So whatever package you join at the traders trade, 70% of that package for you and the other 30% goes into the compensation plan. Now, the beautiful thing is when anyone joins you doesn’t matter what level they join at. You earn 15% of their trading pack. So for example, if someone joins you at the $5,000 level you earn $750. Even if you aren’t the $5,000 level. CFX isn’t like other programs you join where if you aren’t at that level your new team member in some other programs gets passed up to your sponsor and their second level pass ups. And there’s all this rigmarole that goes we have NONE OF THAT HERE in CFX. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at. If you’re at the $300 level and someone joins you at the $100,000 trade pack (we have got people at that level in the organization), you earn a $15,000 commission. It doesn’t get passed up to the sponsor or second pass ups or whatever you actually earn that.

So you earn 15% on everyone that joins that you’ve personally referred. Other people that come in through your team you earn 10% on level 1 to 4 and as you rank up that increases for example at Executive rank you also earn 20%  on level 5 and 6 so you earn more with your Unilevel bonus.

These packages have an expiration date. So when they expire (so they have doubled in value) the person who owns the package can either make the decision on, okay, I’m going to reinvest again and have another trade pack, or they can upgrade to a higher pack and earn more daily from the trading. And because you’re earning within 72 hours of joining, we’re not seeing that attrition rate.

You earn daily and every Saturday we get paid. So every Saturday you’ll get paid your trading pool and your uni level bonus, which is the 10% on your team. Your fast starts the 15% on the people joining you you earn as soon as they join. So every single Saturday is payday which will be Sunday morning for me here in Sydney, because we live in the future then here in Australia.

Last week alone due to a few $5000 trade packs purchased I earned $3,100 Australian just amazing program. And it’s just growing and growing and what is better is that I know that my whole team is earning as well. And that’s why I joined CFX because I want the assurance that if I’m going to bring people into an organization and a program that they are going to earn. And they do have that with CFX. Everyone is earning within 72 hours.

CFX have never missed a payment. If you’ve got a spare $300 sitting in the bank, your lucky if you’re going to get 1% but with CFX, it’s capped at 15% a week, we can’t guarantee that you’re going to earn that. That’s just what they cap. Last month in August, the total amount earned in percentages was 25.15%. That’s on your overall amount your trade pack.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of our 80,000 members have to say on Trust Pilot.

Look, if you’ve got money sitting in the bank and you’re looking for some way to actually earn a passive income online, this is going to be your best bet because you’re going to be earning within 72 hours on autopilot daily coming in. And I’ve had a lot of people that have joined and said, look, yeah, I just don’t have time to refer. So they’ve joined CFX, purchased their pack whatever pack they’re comfortable with. And they’ve just sat on it.

And after about three or four weeks, they’ve seen it grow and they’ve seen what they’re earning and now they’re sharing it. And they’re building their teams because they’re like, well, wow. If this is working for me, it’s going to work for other people. So they are not only changing their lives but the lives of others too.

This is a TRUE program for the people. There are a lot of amazing leaders that are in this program as well. And the CEO Huascar well, he’s a multimillionaire he’s done very well with Bitcoin. He’s very transparent. And he created this program with his co-founder Edgar to help people actually get ahead financially and that’s exactly what it is doing. We’ve also got the conversion pros on board, Ron Pope. They do all the software for this. So they do a lot of software for some of the big network marketing companies. And look, Ron could have joined any program he wanted because he obviously deals in that space. He’s been in the network marketing industry for many, many years, but he didn’t. He joined CFX because he can see the potential with what this can do for people.

And that’s why I joined Cash FX because you get to a stage it’s not about the money. It’s actually helping people. And knowing that you can go to bed at night and that people are earning online. And if you want you can learn to Forex trade and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to have that privilege. You can follow along, watch all our live trades and actually place trades as well in your own trading account.

You’re going to earn on autopilot every single Monday to Friday and Saturdays payday. So I’ll leave a link down below, just come on over into our Facebook group. Just answer the 3 quick questions to get access. It’s a very active Facebook group full of information. So come in and do your due diligence and see if Cash FX is right for you.

The other thing I give my team is we have a team traffic rotator. So if you were to join, once you get one person, we actually put your link in a team, traffic rotator for you to get free leads. And  also have a secret team training group, which has all my secret training on how to succeed online and fast track your results. Our team is growing exponentially. We’ve got an amazing team, lots of superstars in there and we are all changing lives. As I said earlier this is a program for the people. So some on over into our FB group click link above or you can get started earning daily on autopilot and join our CFX family below.

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky, please only trade money you can afford to lose. No Trade results can be guaranteed in any type of real trading activity.
*Participation in the Cash Forex Group Rewards Plan is not a guarantee of success. Both hard work and following structure of the Rewards Plan are required for results.


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